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Tacoma Tree Pro Care has years of experience in providing safe and professional tree services in Tacoma WA. You can rest assured that we are capable of handling any tree service requirements you may have. Give us a call for stump grinder services, tree removal, tree trimming, and large tree cutting. Honesty, safety, and efficiency are the pillars the key pillars of our business.

Give us a call today for a free quote. We will provide you with Tacoma’s best-in-class tree service at an affordable rate. If there happens to be any other reputable company who has quoted a better price,  let us know and we will beat it!

We are the #1 trusted tree service providers for residential and commercial jobs of all sizes in King County. Our staff is fully equipped and well trained to provide the best tree cutting services Tacoma WA has to offer. They have the necessary experience and expertise to do an excellent job to the satisfaction of our customers. You can fully rely on our capabilities to deliver on each and every request. Due to the numerous risks involved in tree services, it is essential that you pick a company with years of experience.

What allows us to offer the best tree service in Tacoma WA?


Over the years, we have managed to gain the necessary experience needed to become one of the best Tacoma tree service companies in King County. Our servicemen are quite knowledgeable in matters relating to tree maintenance and health, as well as the safe and efficient removal of dead trees. They also know how to reverse the effects of most tree diseases and pests using organic plant antibiotics and nutritional injections that are safe for both the tree and the environment.

Affordable Prices

Providing affordable prices to our clients in Tacoma is one of our main priorities. As a result, we perform critical evaluations of the prices offered by some of our tree service Tacoma competitors so that we can charge a reasonable rate. Our main aim is to receive the right compensation for quality work. This is the best way to earn our client’s trust and foster long-lasting business relationships. We provide are able to provide our clients with reasonable quotes because our skill set and experience allows us to be more efficient.

Fully Licensed and Insured Tacoma Tree Service Company

All of our staff are fully licensed and insured, together with all the work we do. It is essential that you deal with a company that has the necessary credentials in case of an accident. This is the best way to ensure that you are not held liable in any way. So make sure you pick a professional tree care company in Tacoma.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Our company is passionate about tree care and we understand the important role they play in our environment. This is why we always consult and discuss with homeowners about some of the repercussions of tree removal, and how we can come up with ways to save a dying tree if possible. Trees provide us with nice shade, clean air, and are home to wide variety of birds and wildlife, so we always try to save them when we can. In addition, we use eco-friendly and non-toxic injections when necessary. Our primary goal is to maintain your trees in optimal health by pruning and to maintain by using other maintenance eco-friendly techniques.

The Tree Services Offered By Tacoma Tree Pro Care

Tree Stump Grinder and Tree Stump Removal

Our Tacoma crew is well acquainted with tree stump grinding. We do follow-ups after a tree removal project to grind down the stump to mulch which you can store for your garden, or have it hauled by us. We use specialized equipment for tree stump removal to ensure the job is done quickly and effecient. Stumps can pose a hazard to children, make mowing difficult, be a site for critters that can damage other trees, and tend to take up space. Having them removed is a sound investment.

Tree Pruning Services

At Tacoma Tree Pro Care, our company offers quality tree pruning services in Tacoma that are designed to improve the aesthetic value and structure of your growing trees. We will ensure that they are beautiful and have structural integrity. In addition, our staff will perform essential clearing tasks in your yard in an eco-friendly manner that will ensure all the living leaves are maintained and only the dead branches are extracted.

Tree Removal Service

Looking for the best tree cutting service Tacoma WA has to offer? We have up-to-date industrial equipment that is capable of tackling any tree cutting and removal project. Our vast experience allows us to more efficient, faster, and affordable. We know what equipment and which techniques work best for different kinds of tree removal jobs, ranging from tiny shrub like trees, to large oak trees, we got it covered. A dying tree that is left alone tends to pose a danger and can lead to more costs if emergency tree removal is needed. In certain situations, we may need to use cranes, but this should not worry you since we are fully licensed and insured for operating such equipment.

Tree Cabling and Bracing Service

Brace rods and cabling have the ability to restore the structural integrity of medium and large trees. They also offer sufficient protection from harsh weather and can help to restore their balance. Our staff is well-versed in such matters, and have the ability to save a tree that is decades old through the use of such cables. Trees serve as important anchors for homeowners’ yards and provide precious shade, at Tacoma Tree Service; our first option is never to remove the tree, but instead try to save it if possible. 

Full Residential Tree Service

We have the best, state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of handling the kinds of tree services required for Tacoma, WA. Our well-trained staff goes through a comprehensive and documented training program that allows them to provide quality tree repair, removal, and pruning services using cost effective techniques. The safety of our clients, the public, and our employees is a top priority for us. This means that any job we do, be it an emergency tree removal, or a basic tree cutting, you can rest assured that it will be done safely and effectively. 


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